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New York has bred yet another revolutionary artist, his name is Black Dave.  As hip-hop makes it’s sought after transition back to the lyrical and message driven roots from once it came, MC’s like Black Dave are creating music based on the culture’s substance and ideology.  His music is a reinstatement of rap’s rooted esence and acts as a conductor for the voice of the new generation. As Dave impacts the rap game with an insurgency of elevated thought, he’s also been able to capitalize on his passion for skating, meticulously melding both worlds in an effort to further brand himself as the total artistic package.  IAR caught up with him to discuss his newest project, “Black Bart,” the impactful truth behind his “Million Man March” video and the role skateboarding has played in his music.  Fist in the air.

IAR: Describe the ideology behind “Black Bart.”  What is the concept behind that project?

BD: “I skate, I rap, I respect others and others respect me. I am Black Bart!”

IAR: With features from Grande Marshall to Riff Raff, how do you choose which artists you want to work with?

BD: “It’s really an organic process.  If we vibe and I like your music and you like mine, and theres a mutual respect, I with it. Also, I’m just a fan of music in general before anything, so all the opportunities for me to work with someone I’m truly a fan of is a blessing in itself.”

IAR: Obviously skating is a major part of you.  When did you get your start with that?

BD: “Been doing it my whole life pretty much.”

IAR: Does skating help you artistically?  The two cultures can often times be closely related.

BD: “From a personal standpoint, it does help in a way and they’re very similar, in a sense where I feel free and I’m able to express myself. Both are therapeutic.”

IAR: The “Million Man March” was a powerful video.  What inspired that vision?

BD: “Just being a voice for my generation. I feel like all the power lays within the minds of the youth and I feel this generation can do better, and we will. I’m just trying to set the tone with the platform I been blessed with and I hope it open in effects kids in progressive way.”

IAR: What’s next?

BD: “A multi-city tour coming soon, some skate vids, and right now me and my manager are working on my new album. Also working on my own Stone Rollers skate merch that fans have been asking for.”

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